Minfos has collaborated with MIMS to incorporate their drug to drug and drug-allergy interaction alert modules into the Minfos Dispense workflow.

Using the MIMS up-to-date, evidence-based Clinical Decision Support modules, Minfos provides pharmacists with clear warnings on interactions between drugs, and alerts for a patient’s known allergy events directly from the Minfos Dispense Form.

Having direct access to this information can assist pharmacists in delivering more efficient patient care as well as helping to reduce the likelihood of medication errors.

  • When a drug is selected on the Dispense Form, Minfos scans the drug history of the selected patient and, using MIMS information, displays any drug-drug interaction warnings
  • MIMS provides 4 levels of interaction severity defined as Severe, Moderate, Minor and Caution. You can set what level of alerts are displayed in the Interactions window, refer to Configure Drug to Drug Interaction Alerts
Note: This is not a replacement for eMIMS.                              

The Interactions window

From the Dispense Form:

1. Select a drug for the current patient.

If there is an interaction, the Interactions window is automatically displayed.

In the example below, Coumadin has been selected for a patient on the Dispense Form. Minfos has scanned the patient drug history and reported on potential interactions for Aspirin.The following information is displayed:

a. Brand name of the drug selected on the Dispense Form, route of administration, active ingredient name.

b. Severity icon, interaction observation, interacted active ingredient (as recorded in the patients dispense history) and the last time this drug was dispensed.

c. Click  a. Info to display the Interaction Notes window which provides detailed information on the interaction and suggested precautions.

d. Prints the Interactions window summary information.

e. Prints the Interaction Notes window information, complete with the patient name and address.

2. Click OK to close the Interactions window.

The skull and crossbones icon on the Dispense Form indicates there is an interaction with the drug you are currently dispensing.a. Click Interact f7 or press [F7] to re-display interactions.