Note This functionality does not apply to ROWA robotic machines. If your store uses ROWA robotic machines, please refer to ROWA’s instructions on receiving an order.

When you scan your received stock directly into your robot, the barcodes are checked against the products in your Minfos order.

To receipt an order directly into your robot, in Minfos the order must have the status Received.

To receipt an order directly into your robot:

1. On your robot, enter the order’s Minfos invoice number and follow your usual stock input process.

If the invoice number is rejected by your robot, check that the invoice number exists in Minfos, and the order must have the status Received.

2. Scan the products into your robot.

The product’s barcode is verified in Minfos and your robotic drugs database stock on hand is updated.

Note The product and barcode must already exist in your Minfos database in order for the scanned product to be added to the robot stock on hand.

3. On the Stock Manager window, click Order Maintenance.

The Order Maintenance window is displayed.

4. Double-click your received order to open it.

The Order Editing window is displayed and shows the products in your order. The Counted column is populated with the scanned robot stock.When there is a discrepancy between your received stock and the ordered quantity (Qty column), the product is shown in red.

5. If not all of the products in your order are stored in your robot, you can receipt the remainder of the stock using a PDA scanner.

6. Click Okay.

7. Follow your standard Minfos procedure to complete the order.

8. The Minfos stock on hand is updated when the invoice is completed.