Deliver a robot drug directly from the Dispense Form, even when you are part way through dispensing a script. This will not affect the script you are dispensing.

To deliver a drug from the robot:

1. From the Dispense Form, click Robotic f10, or press [F10].

The Robotic Dispense window is displayed.

If the drug is populated on the Dispense Form, the Robotic Dispense window is populated with the selected drug.

2. In the Drug textbox, search for a drug in your robotic drugs database.

3. In the Deliver Qty textbox, enter the number of packs you want to deliver.

4. If required, in the Chute textbox, enter the chute number that you want to deliver to.

The workstation’s assigned delivery chute is displayed by default.

5. Click Deliver.

The packs are delivered from the robot.