When you edit a script, the number of packs delivered is “0” by default because you have already supplied the drug to the customer.

However, when you change the drug or the script quantity, Minfos assumes you have not supplied the drug to the customer and the number of packs delivered changes to the number required to dispense the script quantity.

To edit a script and change the drug:

1. From the Dispense Form, search for the customer with the script you want to edit then double-click the script. Alternatively, in the Script Enquiry window, search for the script you want to edit and then double-click the script.

The Script Options window is displayed.

2. Click E. Edit Script, then click Okay.

The Dispense Form changes to Script Editing Mode and the details of the script are displayed. The pk button displays “0” as the customer has already received a supply for the script.

3. Change the drug or script quantity.

The pk button displays the number of packs that will be delivered for the script quantity.

4. Save and process the script.

The Robot Quantity Delivery prompt is displayed.

5. If required, enter a different delivery quantity, then click Okay.

The packs are delivered from the robot.