When dispensing a script from your robot, you can specify the number of packs you want to deliver from the robot before you save and process the script. This feature is particularly useful when you have already delivered the pack from the robot to show the customer and no longer need it delivered.

From the Dispense Form:

Note: The robot status icon is displayed next to the Drug text box. When robot is online the icon is shown in green, . When it’s offline the icon is shown in red, .

1. Scan your script or enter the drug in the Drug field.

The Drug Recall Window is displayed.2. Select the required drug. Drugs in the robot are displayed in teal.

The pk button displays the number of packs that will be delivered for the script quantity.

Note: When you change the script quantity, the number of packs delivered is automatically updated with the number of packs required to dispense the specified quantity.

3. Click the pk button to change the number of packs to be delivered.

The Update Delivery Quantity window is displayed.

4. In the Deliver Qty text box, enter the number of packs you want to dispense.

Tip: Change the quantity to zero if you do not want a pack delivered.

5. If required, in the Chute text box, enter the chute number that you want to deliver too.

The workstation’s assigned delivery chute is displayed by default.

6. Click Okay. The pk button displays the updated delivery quantity.

7. Save and process the script.

The specified number of packs are delivered from the robot.