Frequently printed Free Form Labels can be added to the label library for future use.

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Dispense menu and select 4. Label Library.

The Labels Library Maintenance window is displayed.  

  A. Click Add to create a label.

The Label Library Entry window is displayed.

  1. The Label No. is set by default continuing sequentially from the last label library entry.
  2. Enter in the Label Name. This is used to identify the label in Label Library Maintenance window.   This will not print on the label.
  3. Enter in the content required to be printed on the Label.
  4. Click Okay to add the label.

 B. Highlight a label and click Change to edit the Label name or Label Content.

C. Highlight a label and click Delete to remove the label from the label library.

The Label Library Delete window is displayed.

Click Okay to continue to delete.

The Delete Record is displayed.

Click Yes to delete the label.

D. Highlight the required label and click Print to print the label.

E. Check the Test check box to ensure that there are no duplicate labels for the selected sort type when adding in a new label.

F. Click Sort to filter all labels by Name, Sequence or Code.

G. Click Find to search for a label by the sorted filter.

H. Click Next to move to the following screen.

I. Click Prev to move to the last screen.

J. Click Cancel to exit.