You can export your fixed drug pricing to import at another store, or to create a back-up copy before you make changes. Prior to exporting the file, ensure your fixed drug prices for single and, if required, multiple packs are set up. Refer to Set Fixed Drug Pricing for Single Packs & Set Fixed Drug pricing for Multiple Packs.

From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the File menu and select 7. Export Pricing.

The Export Drug Pricing window is displayed.

2. The default Minfos export location is H:\MINFOS01\Export. This location can be accessed on ALL workstations. Alternatively, you can use the browse button and change the export location.3. Click Okay. The file will process.

The number of exported records is displayed.

4. Click OK to close.

The export file is named DrugPricing.txt and can be found in H:\Minfos01\Export or in the alternate location you chose to export to. The file is now ready to be emailed to another Minfos store.

The text file contains MNPN numbers, the quantities and the final price.