Use this procedure to run a Trading Totals Report, which shows the co-payment discount amount that you have provided to customers during a specified date range.

To report on your co-payment discount:

1. On the Dispense Pro screen, click the Trading icon.

The Dispense Trading Report dialog is displayed.

2. Leave the Report on drop-down list with 0. All Patients selected.

Alternatively, click the Report on drop-down list, then click:

  • 1. Nursing Homes, to report on the co-payment discount you have provided to nursing home patients.
  • 2. Hospitals, to report on the co-payment discount you have provided to hospital patients.

3. In the Starting Date and Ending Date text boxes, enter the date range you want to report on.

4. If required, check the Daily Subtotals check box, to display subtotals for each day in your specified date range.

5. If required, check the Carer Type Sub-Totals check box, to display subtotals for patients not in care, nursing home patients and hospital patients. The Carer Type Sub-Totals check box in enabled when your Report on category is 0. All Patients.

6. Click Okay, to run the report.

The report is displayed.

 7. The grand total value in the Co-Pay Discount column is the total co-payment discount that your pharmacy has provided to customers during the specified date range.

The co-payment discount is deducted from the Gross figure to provide the Net figure, with the GP$ and GP% values calculated using the discounted Net amount.