Your set co-payment discounts are not always automatically applied when you dispense an eligible script. Refer to Set Co-Payment Discount default to adjust.

The Co‑Pay] check box on the Dispense Form allows you to apply the co-payment discount to a selected script.

The Co-Pay] check box is enabled when you are dispensing an eligible, co-payment script.

To apply the co-payment discount to an individual script:

1. From the Dispense Form, dispense an eligible, co-payment script.

The Dispense Form is populated with the script’s details and the Co-Pay] checkbox is checked by default.

2. Check Co-Pay] checkbox, or press [Alt + ] ], to apply your set discount to the script. If you are unable to select this checkbox refer to Set up Co-Payment Discount

The script Price and GP% are automatically adjusted.

3. Save and process the script as per your normal process.

The customer pays the discounted price at the till.

Note: Minfos Till reports display the price paid by the customer. When a customer receives the co‑payment discount, the price shown on the till reports is the discounted price.