Retail, or over-the-counter (OTC) products, can be marked as dispensable in Minfos.  This is particularly helpful for locally added compounded products.

The benefits of marking these products as dispensable are:

  • If the Drug Search is NOT set as Verbose (Verbose is the recommended drug search setting), it allows non-drug items to be dispensed. Refer to Check your Drug Search setting for further information
  • It allows these products to have Fixed Drug Pricing set up
  • It allows for Default Sigs to be attached

From the Minfos Launchpad:

1. Click on the Stock Manager icon.

2. Click on the Product Maintenance icon.

The Product Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Click Find and enter one of the below to search for the product:

  • a * followed by the MNPN (eg *456785)
  • the Product Number
  • the Barcode
  • a .  or followed by PDE (eg .478963 or /478963)

4. Highlight the required product and click Change.The Product Edit window is displayed.

5. Check the Dispensable checkbox and click OK to save.

6. Click Cancel to exit Product Maintenance.