Retail, or over-the-counter (OTC) products, can be marked as dispensable in Minfos.  This is particularly helpful for locally added compounded products.

The benefits of marking these products as dispensable are:

  • If the Drug Search is NOT set as Verbose (Verbose is the recommended drug search setting), it allows non-drug items to be dispensed. Refer to Check your Drug Search setting for further information
  • It allows these products to have Fixed Drug Pricing set up
  • It allows for Default Sigs to be attached

From Stock Manager:

1. Click on the Product Maintenance icon.

The Product Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Find and enter one of the below to search for the product:

  • a * followed by the MNPN (eg *456785)
  • the Product Number
  • the Barcode
  • a .  or followed by PDE (eg .478963 or /478963)

3. Highlight the required product and click Change
The Product Edit window is displayed.

5. Check the Dispensable checkbox and click OK to save.

6. Click Cancel to exit Product Maintenance.