While the Minfos software already contains commonly used SIGs, you can also add your own custom SIGs to this list to save time in the dispensary. 

From the Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu or from the Dispense Form, click Extended.

2. Select 9. Directions (SIGS).

The Sigs Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Click Add to add a new SIG.

The Sigs Entry window is displayed.4. In the Code field enter the code for the SIG.

5. Tab to the Name field and enter the directions for the SIG code.

6. Click Okay.

The SIG is added, and the Sig Entry window is displayed.

Note: If the Invalid code, this code has already been used prompt is displayed, find the duplicate copy and click Change, to update the details of the existing SIG.

7. Continue to add another SIG and repeat steps 4 to 6 or click Cancel to close the SigsEntry window.

8. Click Cancel to close the Sigs Maintenance window.

Tip: To set up a SIG that calculates a future date, for example Repeat due after ‘date’, use the code %d followed by the repeat period in days in the SIG Name.

You can also attach a default SIG to a product in Minfos to save time When dispensing. Please refer to Set up Default SIGs for guidance.