The following people have reviewed and approved this document, and agree that it will be used as the formal SLA for the provision of the support service.

Table 1. Signatories



Angela Lapthorn

Head of Minfos

Anna Lamberti

Customer Service Desk Manager



Table 2. Glossary of terms used in this document




A document that describes a formal understanding between two or more parties.


The ability of the support service or other service to perform its agreed function when required.


An activity that obtains additional resources when these are needed to meet service level targets or customer expectations.


End User License Agreement.

Event management

The process of managing events throughout their life cycle.


Not operating to specification, or not delivering the required output.


The group involved in the resolution of incidents.

Support escalation

Transferring an incident, problem, or change request to a senior individual with a higher level of expertise.

Management escalation

Informing or involving more senior levels of management to assist in an escalation.


A measure of the effect of an incident, problem, or change on business processes.


An unplanned interruption to business processes, or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Incident management

The process responsible for managing the lifecycle of all incidents.


A category used to identify the relative importance of an incident, problem or change.


A structured set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective.


Action taken to repair the root cause of an incident or problem, or to implement a workaround.

Support hours

An agreed regular time period during which the support service is to be available.

Service level

Measured and reported achievement against one or more service level targets.

Service level agreement (SLA)

An agreement between a service provider and a customer.

Service level target

A commitment that is documented in a service level agreement.

Service or incident request

A formal request from a user for something to be provided.


An estimate of how long it will take for a given incident, problem, or change to have a significant impact on the business.

Service Now

The service management tool used to manage support department incidents


General Availability



This document is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Minfos and the Customer and outlines what constitutes acceptable support service.

It documents the mutual service objectives and how those objectives will be measured.

The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent service support to the Customer by Minfos.

In this SLA, the Customer is defined to be: a licensed user of Minfos software whose license fees are fully paid-up and the user is entitled, by virtue of having paid the license fees, to receive support services.

In Scope

  • The service includes support for Minfos software related issues arising in store during the use of the software
  • The service extends to management and provision of monthly Dispense Updates
  • Also included are the management and provision of Wholesaler and Supplier retail product data

Out of Scope

The service does not include support for:

  • Pharmacy IT infrastructure including: network devices, servers, client workstations, operating systems, Windows updates and backups
  • Issues correlating to third-party applications
  • Incidents or requests from pharmacies or individuals not listed in our incident management system
  • Third party managed external backup systems
  • Issues deemed a fault of the user causing data integrity / reporting discrepancies
  • Negative Gross Profit issues caused by incorrect process


Description of support services

Support hours

Minfos will provide Support Services as stated in Table 3 and Table 4 below.

Such support will only be provided if the Customer has paid Minfos the maintenance fees defined in the End User License Agreement (EULA). The standard level of support is defined further in Schedule A.

  Table 3: Standard service Hours

Standard support



8:00am to 8.00pm (AEST)

 Table 4: Emergency service hours

Emergency support (for Priority 1 critical issues only)


8.00am to 5.00pm (AEST)


8.00am to 12.00pm (AEST)

Australian Public Holidays

8:00am to 5.00pm (AEST)

Victorian Public Holidays

8:00am to 8.00pm (AEST)

Outside of standard business hours support

Outside of normal business hours, Minfos Support can still provide support, however, this is not covered by the standard maintenance fees and will incur an extra charge.

These fees are described in our Minfos Support Chargeable Work Policy located in the Minfos Help Centre.

Examples of after-hours support are scheduled maintenance as requested by the Customer or a fault/issue that the Customer deems critical enough to have attended to outside normal hours.

Provided the quoted fees have been paid by the Customer, then Minfos Support will be available to execute the request.

Service request methods

Minfos support may be requested as follows.

The Minfos Help Centre 

This is the preferred contact method and is available to all customers.

Phone support

Customers may contact Minfos by phone during business hours. Our support number is: 1300 887 418.

  • During standard support hours, calls are answered by the Minfos support team and overflow will be answered by our external call centre
  • During emergency support hours, calls will be answered by our external call centre

Email support

  • Customers can request support by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Customers must include the store ID, name, contact person and a description of the issue
  • All emails sent to this address are automatically uploaded into FreshDesk, our incident management system
  • An email confirmation is sent to the Customer notifying that the incident has been logged with the corresponding incident number

Please note that all Minfos Help Centre, phone, and email tickets logged outside of business hours will be attended to the next business day. Please refer to Table 4: Emergency service hours.

Service performance

The target resolution time for each service request depends on its priority.
The agreed targets are as follows:

Table 5. Target resolution times by priority



Target Resolution Time



Contact within 15-30 minutes


High severity

4 hours


Medium severity

24 hours


Low severity

48 hours



Planned (date assigned)

Priority is determined by the estimated urgency and the business impact of the incident, as shown in the following table.

Table 6. Determination of priorities


Business Impact


















Management Escalation process

Should the Customer not be satisfied with support received for an issue either as a result of the response time or the resolution given, as set out in Schedule A of this document, the following escalation process should be used:

  1. Notify the Customer Service Desk Manager.
  2. If still not satisfied, notify the Head of Minfos.

All notifications should be in writing, preferably via email.

Measurement reporting

Monthly generated reports will show collected measurements relevant to the targets defined in this SLA.

Apart from monitoring the service against these targets, these reports will incorporate details of performance against all SLA targets, together with details of any trends or specific actions taken to improve service quality.

Optionally, reports may be examined to the component level, especially if a target is reported as breached.

The Customer Service Desk Manager will distribute all reports to the Head of Minfos and operations team for review.

Software Release

Software support

Release schedule

The current Minfos BAU release schedule is as follows:

  • Four major (“marquee”) releases each year
  • A minimum of four maintenance releases that primarily focus on bug fixes but also include enhancements and necessary additions such as government changes

For example: The marquee release has a 1 (one) suffix as in 5.6.1 and maintenance releases have subsequent numbers as 5.6.2 etc.

  • Ad hoc releases as required to rectify any important issues

Other Minfos products have their own release schedule and do not comply with the above programme.

Software support schedule

Minfos will support the current software version and the major release prior.


If the current major release in production is 5.6.1, Minfos will support any issues or concerns that may arise from the previous major release (5.5.1), and subsequent maintenance releases.

Minfos will not support any issues or concerns arising from using a version of software that is older than the previous major release. However, if the issue persists after upgrading to a supported release version, then Minfos will assist further to rectify the issue.

Software support relating to incompatible hardware

Minfos will provide support for all customers that comply with our current hardware specifications.

When a hardware specification is deemed as having reached its end-of-life, Minfos will notify all customers of a support end date. After this date, Minfos will not provide support for any issue or concern arising from the non-compliant hardware in place.

Software support relating to faults from hardware or operating environment

As specified in scope related clauses, Minfos will not be held responsible for any software failure that results from a failure in hardware or operating environment. Minfos reserves the right to refuse support if the customer’s network and/or computing infrastructure facilities are not well maintained, at fault or not operating in alignment with Minfos’ required hardware specification policy. It is the customer’s responsibility and a condition of this agreement that a hardware vendor is selected and responsible for maintaining both hardware and operating environment. Minfos reserves the right to charge the customer a service fee should Minfos be required to support any hardware or operating environment.  

Please reference our Chargeable Work Policy for further information.

Schedule A

Standard level of support provided under the EULA





Service Goal

1 (One) Critical

All computers are down.


The store cannot dispense or cannot use the tills.


The store cannot log in to the Minfos software.

Acknowledge within 15 minutes

Expected resolution within 30 minutes depending on severity

100% acknowledgement within response time

2 (Two)


Critical System-wide error messages.


PBS Online.


Dispense labels not printing.


Repeats / Notes not printing.

Acknowledge within 4 hours

Expected resolution within 4 hours depending on severity

100% acknowledgement within response time

3 (Three)


Report printing issues.


eRx / Medisecure scanning issues.


MIDAS issues.


Loyalty issues.


Software update issues.

Acknowledge within 1 business day

Expected resolution within 2 days depending on severity

100% acknowledgement within response time

4 (Four)



Ongoing issues previously resolved.


Issues relating to a previous call logged.


Training enquiries.


Enquiries regarding software



Enquiries about transmitting or receiving orders.


Enquires about software updates.

Acknowledge within 2 business days

Expected resolution within 3 days depending on severity

100% acknowledgement within response time


Bookings to assist customer at a scheduled time.

Scheduled time