This document provides guidelines and costing for the Minfos support team’s assistance in resolving our customer’s support requests.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Define the category of support work that incurs extra charges
  • Ensure that all Minfos customers are fully informed of the extra charges that may be incurred by the customer for support work
  • Define the required procedure for customers to request chargeable support work
  • Define the required procedure for the customer and Minfos to agree on the specific chargeable support work to be performed by Minfos, and on the charges for this work


This policy is to be adhered to for support assistance provided to Minfos customers for data correction, as requested and caused by the customer.  


1. Category of work covered

This policy is to ensure that the customer is familiar with the category of work covered and to understand areas that may be out of scope.

Where data correction that requires a considerable amount of time is necessary, the following apply.

The work requests covered in this policy are:

  • Data discrepancies caused by customer error
  • Changes required to database tables not visible to customers
  • Development of program utilities to correct a large amount of data
  • Testing and validating of program utilities for correction of data
  • Backup and execution of program utilities for customers
  • Manual changes required to customer databases as agreed with customers
  • Additional trainer on-site during implementation week
  • Recovery of all Minfos set pricing from backup resources
  • Recovery of lost Minfos data retrieval from backup resources

2. Minfos customer responsibility

The customer must fill out a Minfos Support Work Order Request Form and lodge it with the Minfos support team. The form must include:

  • The customer’s concise explanation of the sequence of events that caused the issue
  • A full transactional list of the changes required
  • Approval of the work request by the owner, manager, or other authorised representative of the pharmacy

By submitting a Minfos Support Work Order Request Form signed by the authorised representative of the pharmacy, the customer acknowledges that they:

  • Have read and agreed to this policy
  • Are fully aware of the costs that may be incurred in carrying out the work requested
  • Agree to pay the costs that may be incurred in carrying out the work requested

3. Charges

Please contact us for our pricing policy.

4. Other amenities

The customer will be informed of any other charges pertinent to completion of the work.

5. Travel

The customer will be quoted and charged for the costs of travel to and from the customer’s premises on the day(s) of attendance.

6. Out of Scope Work

Restoration of third party non-compliant backup systems will incur charges as per the Data correction/execution work type in the Charges table above. Refer to the Minfos Support Service Level Agreement.