After integrated EFTPOS is activated, you will also need to instruct the system which cards to use the Integrated EFTPOS.

There may be cards/payment options listed in the credit card section (e.g. Petty Cash) that are not brought through the Till.

From the Minfos Till module:

1. Select the Maintenance menu and select Credit Cards.

The Credit Card Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Select the List All checkbox.

3. Highlight the card you want to change on the list.

4. Click Change to edit the card’s detail or press [Alt+C].

5. Select the Use EFTPOS checkbox or press [Alt+U].

6. Click Okay to save these changes.

7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 for all cards.

Note: Only mark those cards on the list to Use EFTPOS that will be using the Integrated EFTPOS. For the cards that will not be using Integrated EFTPOS, ensure these are un-ticked.