Minfos has an integrated EFTPOS system where sales requiring an EFTPOS transaction will be done from within Minfos.

When a card is selected as the payment type for the transaction, the sale amount will automatically be brought to the EFTPOS window. The customer swipes their card and enters their pin number if required and Minfos will complete the transaction.

There are major advantages using an Integrated EFTPOS including:

  • Communication cost savings by sharing modems and connections to the bank
  • Eliminates incorrect keying as the amount is passed from Minfos directly to the EFTPOS pin pads. This also prevents the customer from altering the amount or transaction type
  • Faster EFTPOS transactions
  • Tighter control over refund transactions

Turning on integrated EFTPOS is quite simple, please ensure that a qualified technician has installed the necessary communication devices, and the EFTPOS software has been installed on each Till, before following the steps listed below.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Select the Special menu and click Utilities.

2. From the Minfos Utilities module, select the Maintenance menu and click Stations.

3. Select the Till station from the station list and click change.

4. Select the EFTPOS Type drop down box and select Ingenico (PC-EFTPOS). This will need to be completed for every Till with an Integrated EFTPOS Pin Pad attached.

Next step: Configure Credit Cards for Integrated Eftpos