This article provides instructions on setting up Tyro integrated EFTPOS to work with Minfos on the till stations in your pharmacy. For more details about Tyro, see

Process to set up Tyro integrated Eftpos

1. Get your Tyro devices installed.

2. Configure Tyro as Your EFTPOS Provider in Minfos.

3. Configure Cards for Integrated EFTPOS (if this is the first time you've set up integrated EFTPOS)

Get your Tyro devices installed

Before you configure Tyro as an EFTPOS provider in Minfos:

1. Tyro must grant merchant approval to your pharmacy.

2. Tyro must install their EFTPOS terminals in your pharmacy.

3. Tyro must install their Terminal Adapter (TTA) software on your till stations, and pair the TTA software with the new EFTPOS terminals.

Configure Tyro as your EFTPOS Provider in Minfos

1. On the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Special menu, or press [Alt + S], and then click Utilities, or press [u].

The Minfos Utilities module is displayed.

2. Perform one of the following actions:

a. Double-click the Stations icon or

b. Click the Maintenance menu, or press [Alt+M], and then click Stations, or press [2].

The Station Configuration window is displayed.

3. In the Station List section, click on the name of the station to which the Tyro EFTPOS device is connected.

4. Click Change, or press [Alt + C], to enable changes to the configuration of the selected station.

5. In the EFTPOS Type combo box, select Tyro EFTPOS.

6. Click Save, or press [Alt + S], to save your changes.

Repeat steps 3 to 6 for all Till workstations.

7. Click Cancel, to close the Station Configuration window.

8. Close the Minfos Utilities module.

9. Exit and restart Minfos.

Tyro is now set up as the EFTPOS type for the selected station.

Configure Cards for Integrated EFTPOS

If this is the first time you have used integrated EFTPOS in your pharmacy, you must configure the types of credit and debit card that can be used in sales in your pharmacy.

The Credit Card Maintenance screen of the Minfos Till module enables you to configure credit and debit card types. For details refer to Configure Credit Cards for Integrated Eftpos