There are three methods this promotion type can be set up:

1. Products are selected as qualifying and discountable.

For Example: Buy any 3 Revlon products and get the cheapest for $5 or Buy 1 Faulding Fish Oil and receive any other Faulding product/s for $10.


2. Multiple products are part of the promotion, however to receive the discount, the customer must purchase the qualifying product.

For Example: Buy 2 Faulding Fish Oils and receive any additional Faulding Product/s at $10.


3. All products are qualified to receive an equal discount.

For Example: Buy any 3 Revlon products and get a discount of $2 for each product.


Add a promotion

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Promotions icon.

2. Click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

3. From the Enquiry group box, select New.

4. Click Add to create a new promotion.

5. In the Promotion maintenance – add screen, perform the following actions:

A. Loyalty promotions – non-editable textbox.

B. Promotion Type – select 3.Multibuy for $ amt.

C. Promotion Name – enter a name for the promotion.

This name will be shown for your reference in the Promotions module.

D. Promotion Description – enter short description.

This description will display on the multibuy prompt at the Till and in the Promotions module.

E. Promotion Code – non-editable textbox.

An automatically-generated code that Minfos uses to identify saved promotions.

F. Start Date and End Date – enter the promotions’ active date range.

G. Apply promotion more than once to sale basket:

  1. Leave checkbox selected to receive the promotional discount multiple times in a single transaction or,
  2. Deselect checkbox to disable to receive a single promotional discount in a transaction.

H. Enable manual discount:

  1. Leave checkbox deselected to disable a further discount at the Till or,
  2. Select to enable a further discount at the Till.
Note: By default, products cannot be discounted manually. To enable a product to be discounted manually, mark it as discountable in the product stock card.
6. Click Next.

7. In Promotional maintenance – Add window, perform the following actions:

A. Buy  add the number of items that the customer must purchase before they are eligible for the dollar amount off on the get item.

B. To apply the current retail price for the products, select the Store price checkbox OR

C. Deselect the Store price checkbox and enter a special price for the qualifying products, the price is only reduced to this price when the Multibuy has been triggered.

D. Get – add in the number of items that the customer will receive a dollar amount off.

E. For – enter the $ amount that the cheapest product will be sold at. 

F. If you select the Divide discount evenly across all product checkbox, Minfos will discount all products in the transaction. If left unselected, the cheapest product will be discounted.

Note: All products must be added to the transaction at till for the Multibuy to trigger.
8. Click Range or Next to add products to the promotion (both buttons open the same screen). Refer to Add products to a Multibuy for $ Amount promotion.