Reprint a receipt for your last sale

1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter.

2. Click Reprint Docket.A receipt prints for the last sale processed by the sales clerk currently logged in.

Reprint a receipt for a previous sale

1. From the Retail Till module, click any of the following enquiry icons to search for the transaction number required; Sales, Customer Sales & Account, Product or Clerk Sales.

2. Highlight the transaction and click Enquire.

The Sale Detail Enquiry window is displayed.

3. Make note of the Trans. No. and Esc to close all current windows.

4. From the Retail Till module, click Reprint Dockets icon. The Re-print Docket window is displayed.

5. In the From Trans. No. and the To Trans. No., enter the previously noted Trans. No. and click Okay.
The docket will be reprinted.