This process should be used when an entire sale needs to be refunded or cancelled.

Note Transactions that contain dispensed items cannot be voided. The prescription will need to be deleted in the Dispense module to be refunded to the customer at the Till.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

Note If the sale included a card surcharge, refer to Refund or void a sale with a card surcharge.

1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter.         

2. Click Void Sale.

The Number Entry window is displayed. Follow your store’s procedures for voiding sales.

3. Enter the Docket No. of the sale required to be voided, then click Enter.

The Void Sale window is displayed, and shows the sale amount.

4. Select the payment type the customer receives for the return:

  • Cash - The return is finalised and the Till drawer will open
  • Card - The Credit Menu window is displayed. Complete the sale, as normal, on your EFTPOS machine
  • Account - The Customer Account Search window is displayed. Complete the sale, as normal for an account customer