If the 301 or 300 GP Product is used, this must be corrected at the till on the same day as the processed transaction. To find these transactions refer to Check the General GP 300 & 301 sales.

Video demonstration

Correct the product to scan at the till

Correcting the product at the Till cannot be completed until the product has been corrected in Product Maintenance.

If the product is in your database but has an incorrect barcode:

1. From Stock Manager, click the Product Maintenance icon.

2. Click Find and type in the description of the product that was sold under the General 300 or 301 GP Product code.

The Search window is displayed

3. Enter in the name of the product and click okay.

4. Highlight and click Change to display the Product Edit window.

  1. If the barcode is 8 digits long and begins with a leading 2, this is a Minfos generated barcode. Replace the barcode in the barcode field.
  2. If the barcode appears with an 8 to 13 digit barcode leading with any other number than a 2, click the barcode tab and add the barcode into the alternate barcodes list.

If the product is not in your database, collect the relevant wholesaler or supplier MNPN update and repeat steps 1 and 4.

If the product does not appear in your database after a wholesaler or supplier MNPN update has been collected,log a ticket with Minfos Support.

Correct the product at the Till

1. From the Till, enter your Clerk Code, and press Enter.

2. Select the Hotkeys button.

3. Select General Inc. GST or General ex. GST, as required.

Note: You must select the option that was used in the original sale.

4. Enter [-1], in the Qty field, and press [Enter].

5. Enter the price of the original 301 or 300 sale product, and press [Enter].

6. Scan or enter the correct product.
The sale total should be $0.00.

7. Click Add Note and enter any relevant information, if required.

8. Select Cash.

9. Select Exact Amount.

10. Click Okay, to complete the sale.

Note: For every sale where 300 or 301 has been used, there should be a corrected transaction to ensure the SOH is correct.