An Advanced search is where all products that contain the search phrase are returned. This is compared to a normal Find where products will be returned only if they begin with the search phrase.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Till icon

The Minfos Retail Till window will appear.

2. Click the Till icon

The Minfos Till will open.

3. Enter your Clerk Code in the Clerk Code field, and then [Enter].

You will be logged into the Till.

4. Click on the green Keyboard button. The Product Search Window will appear.

5. Select the Show Stocked [Alt+S] button to return only stocked products containing the search phrase.

Note: If you use Find in this window, Minfos will perform a ‘normal’ search and will only find products starting with the entered search phrase.
6. Click Advanced Search [Alt+A].

The Advanced Search window will appear

7. Enter the word(s) to be searched, and then [Enter] to start the search.

8. Minfos will start the advanced search, and ALL products containing the search phrase you entered will be found and will appear in the Product Search Window.

Note: Navigating to the next page will not interrupt the search and the screen will continue to populate.

9. Select the product and press Enter.

Note: To edit, remove or view the product, enter the full product description in Product Maintenance. E.g. enter ‘Arome Ambiance Diff cranberry’ into the Find window in Product Maintenance.