Note You can also follow this process to set up a new credit card type for Afterpay

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Till icon.

2. On the Minfos Retail Till window, click the Maintenance menu and select 2. Credit Cards.

3. The Credit Card Maintenance window is displayed.

a. Click Add to enter a new credit card.

b. Highlight the credit card and click Change to edit a credit card.

c. Highlight the credit card and click Delete to remove the credit card from the list.

d. Highlight the credit card and click Enquire for a view only option of a credit card.

e. Click Print to print a list of credit cards based on the current sort order selected (Name or Code).

f. Click Find to search for a credit card using the current sort order selected (Name or Code).

g. Click Sort to change the current sort order to Name or Code. The sort order is displayed in the dialogue box below the sort key.


h. Click List All to display all credit cards, this will include those not displayed at the Till, previously deleted and current credit cards. 

The prefix ~ indicates disabled credit cards and will not display on the Credit Menu window at the till.

i. Click Next to go to the next page.

j. Click Prev to go to the previous page.

k. Click Cancel to exit.

4. Select Add.

The Credit Card Entry window is displayed.


5. Enter the details of the credit card.

a. Enter a unique Card Code, this code is generally two characters in length.

Note The Credit Cards display in the Till in Card Code order, we suggest using card codes that start with Y so your current display order is not adjusted. 

b. Enter a Card Name.

c. Enter the Company Name of the credit card

d. Enter the Street address of the above company.

e. Enter the Suburb of the company.

f. Enter the State of the company.

g. Enter the Post Code of the company.

h. Enter the Phone Number of the company.

i. Enter the companies Merchant No.

j. Enter the Authority Ph. Number.

k. Enter a Merchant Limit for this credit card. Any transactions processed over this amount at the Till will prompt to seek authorisation and display the Authority Ph. and Merchant No. entered against this credit card entry. This just a warning prompt; please contact your bank to discuss this further.

l. Select the A/R Customer from the A.R. Customer Search window that this credit card is required to be assigned to e.g. EFTPOS. Refer to Add an AR Customer (Credit Card) to learn how to add a new A.R Customer.

m. Select the A/R Product from the Product Search window this credit card is required to be assigned to e.g. Credit Card Debtors; contact your book keeper/accountant for further advice.

n. Add a Minimum Sale $ amount if required. Any transactions processed below this amount at the till will prompt that this is under the allowable minimum amount that has been set, the sales clerk can still continue with the sale.

o. Leave Other Debtors de-selected.

p. Check Use EFTPOS if you have integrated EFTPOS and require this credit card transaction to prompt on the EFTPOS terminal. If this credit card is to be used for direct deposits, do not select this checkbox.

6. Select Okay to save the credit card.

From the Till, when the payment type selected is Credit, the new credit card will be listed for selection in the Credit Menu window.