The information generated in the Layby Report is based on the content selected prior to running.

This report can be generated for individual customer laybys, all customer laybys and the content can be altered based on the status of the layby and date range.

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Reports menu, click 1. Layby and select 1. Layby Report.

The Lay Bys Report window is displayed.

2. Click the Report Type dropdown and select the required Layby report type:

  • Active Lay-bys
  • Overdue Lay-bys
  • Completed Lay-bys
  • Cancelled Lay-bys

3. If required, select your From Customer and To Customer range. By default all customers will be selected.

4. Enter your required Date range in the From and To fields.

5. Check or uncheck the Detailed unchecked.

6. Click Okay to run the report.

Report Examples:

Detailed unchecked

Detail checked