1. From the Till, enter your Clerk Code and press [Enter].

2. Scan the Product/s being added to the Layby.

3. Click Lay By.

4. Search and Select the Customer.

Note: Customers listed in the customer search screen, have previously been added through a layby, hire, have had a prescription dispensed or are a current account customer.
A. If the customer is not currently in the database, click Add.

The Customer Entry window is displayed.

B. Enter the Customers details, use [Tab] to move through the fields and click Okay to save.

5. The Lay By window is displayed.

a. The Deposit Required is calculated by the percentage amount set in your Minfos configurations. The Deposit amount can be adjusted if required.

b. The Repayment amount is calculated by the outstanding balance after the deposit has been paid, divided by the number of repayments being made. The number of repayments can be adjusted if required.

Note: Deposit percentage amount, number of payments and the payment period defaults are set in your Minfos Shop Configuration. Refer to Set up default Layby options.
6. Click the Payment Type, Cash or Card and process the payment.

7. Two receipts are printed;

  1. First receipt should be signed by the customer and retained by the pharmacy.
  2. Second receipt can be provided to the customer.

8. Press Okay to return to a new sale screen.