Discounts can be configured, named and applied to a sale from the Till Discounts buttons.  A report can then be generated over a defined date range for all, some, or a specific discount.

From the Till module:

1. From the Maintenance menu select B. Discount Maintenance.

The Discount Maintenance window is displayed.

In this example, a Staff Discount has been previously configured.


2. Click the Add button to add a new discount.

3. In the Line 1 and Line 2 fields, enter the name of the discount that will appear on the hotkey, e.g. ‘Centre Discount’.

4. In the Value field enter the percentage value you will offer with this discount, e.g. 5 for 5%.

5. Click the Okay button to save.

The Discount Maintenance window is displayed.

6. To enable the button for display in the Reportable Discounts window, select the discount and then click the Set Active button.

The discount is now displayed with an ‘ ’ icon.

Refer to the image above for the features below.



a. Add

Add a new discount.

b. Change

Change the details of a discount.

c. Delete

Delete a discount from Discount Maintenance. Deleted discounts will still be available for reporting.

d. Enquire

View the discount details.

e. Set Active

Enables the discount for display as a hotkey in the Till.

f. Next

Next page.

g. Prev

Previous page.

h. Cancel

Close the window without saving.