Log into the Minfos wireless scanner

 1. Open the Minfos PDA Server icon on your workstation.

2. Select the shortcut to PDAClient. The Minfos wireless scanner software is launched and the Login screen is displayed.

3. In the User ID textbox, enter your user ID number e.g. BR1.

4. In the Password textbox, enter your password e.g. BR1.

5. Select the Login button to log in to the Minfos wireless scanner software. Alternatively, select the Cancel button, to close the Minfos wireless scanner software.

View and modify retail prices

In the Pricing tab of the Stock Control screen: 

1. Scan a product barcode.

The details of the selected product then populate the Pricing tab:

  • Product displays the bar code of the product
  • Name displays the name of the product.
  • Unit Cost displays the unit cost of the product.
  • Markup displays the mark-up percentage.
  • Retail displays the retail price of the product.
  • New Price enables you to enter a new retail price for the product.

To change the retail price of the selected product:

2. In the New Price textbox, using the on-screen keyboard, enter a new retail price for the product.

3. Click the Update button.
The new retail price of the product is now displayed in the Retail textbox and has been updated in your stores database.

4. If you have not checked the queue labels, please refer to Print labels for retail price changes for further information.

Alternatively, click the Cancel button to abandon your entry in the New Price textbox.