Log into the Minfos wireless scanner

1. Open the Minfos PDA Server icon on your workstation.

2. Select the shortcut to PDAClient. The Minfos wireless scanner software is launched and the Login screen is displayed.

3. In the User ID textbox, enter your user ID number e.g. BR1.

4. In the Password textbox, enter your password e.g. BR1.

5. Select the Login button to log in to the Minfos wireless scanner software. Alternatively, select the Cancel button, to close the Minfos wireless scanner software.

Queue labels

In the Stock Control tab of the Stock Control screen:

1. Select the Queue Labels checkbox.
The Product and Shelf textboxes are displayed.

2. Ignore the Product textbox.

3. In the Shelf textbox, enter the number of shelf labels to queue.

4. Select the Product textbox and then scan the product barcode.

The Product and Name textboxes are then populated with the barcode and name.

5. Check that the barcode and name are correct and then select the Update button.
The specified number of labels are then added to the Label Queue.