Minfos App is a phone app, available for both Android and iOS, which interfaces efficiently with Minfos and enables stocktaking to be performed right from your phone.

To learn how to download and set up the Minfos App refer to Set up the Minfos App.

Log in to the Minfos App

1. Open Minfos App on your mobile device.

The access window displays requesting your pair code.
2. To obtain the pair code, navigate to Minfos Stock Manager, click the Stock Control menu and select 8. Stocktake Pair Code.

Note: This code changes every day. You will require the new code when you first log in to Minfos App on each day.

3. Enter this code into the mobile device and select the SIGN IN button.

Use the Minfos App to stocktake

1. Select the Stocktake option.

The Product Search field is displayed.

1. Search for the product by doing one of the following:

a. Enter the product name or barcode. Search will occur automatically.


b. Select the Barcode icon and use the mobile camera to scan the barcode.

You can also scan the product barcode if the device has a scanner.

Minfos will display a list of possible matches, or exact matches, depending on the search method. Select the magnifying glass icon to reset the search.

3. Select the product you wish to stocktake or, if an exact match is found, the Product Details screen is displayed.

a. Enter the quantity you have counted in the Counted Qty field. The New SOH field allows you to preview the SOH before make your next selections.

b. Select the Replace SOH radio button to update the Current SOH with the Counted Qty.


c. Select the Add to SOH radio button to add the Counted Qty to the Current SOH. This is handy for dual located products.

d. Select Clear if you have entered an incorrect quantity in the Counted Qty field, but have not yet selected Save.

e. Select Queue to add a label to the Stock Manager Label Queue.

f. Select the Save button to update the stock on hand.

g. Select the back arrow to close the Product Detail screen with no changes.

The Updated SOH screen is displayed, the SOH will be adjusted on the product’s stock card and the Last Counted Date will be updated to today’s date.

The Camera Scanner screen is displayed, continue to scan the next product.

Search for next product for stocktaking and repeat the steps above.

Refer to Print Not Counted reports for the next stocktake step.