The Minfos App is a phone app, available for both Android and iOS, which interfaces efficiently with Minfos. You can search for a product in the App and add it to the universal label queue in Minfos.

Minfos will queue the product in the Label Queue in Stock Manager with one label. If more labels are required to be printed this can be managed from the Label Queue. For more information, please refer to the Change label quantity in the Label Queue.

To learn how to download and set up the Minfos App refer to Set up the Minfos App.

Queue Labels with the Minfos App

1. Open the Minfos App on your mobile device and log in, click here to learn how.

2. Select Queue Label from the Select a task screen.

The Queue label screen is displayed.


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3. Search for the product by doing one of the following:

a. Click here to launch the camera to scan the product barcode.

  • You can also scan the product barcode if the device has a scanner

  • Scan the product barcode
  • Click Cancel to close the camera


b. Search for the product by typing in the barcode or name.


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  • The Minfos App will display a list of possible matches, or exact matches, depending on the search method. Click the X to reset the search

c. Select the correct product from the list on screen.

4. The Item successfully added to label queue prompt is displayed and the label is added to the label queue in Minfos Stock Manager.

Graphical user interface, website

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If the camera was used to scan the product, the camera will automatically re-open to scan the next product

5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 to continue queuing labels.