From the Till module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 8. Hotkey Maintenance.

The Hotkey Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Add.

The Hotkey Edit window is displayed.

3. Line 1: Enter the beginning of the description.

4. Line 2: Enter the rest of the description into this text box. Line 2 can be left blank if not required.

5. Product: Enter the product Description in the text box window and press [Tab]. 

The product search window is displayed. The closest matching product is highlighted.

6. Select the correct product and click Okay.

7. Click Okay to add the hotkey.

The Hotkey Maintenance window is displayed.

8. Click Okay to save the hotkey.

9. In the Clerk Code text box, enter your staff code and then press Enter.
Your name is displayed below the Product text box.

10. Click the Hotkey button.

The Hotkeys window is displayed showing your newly added hotkey.