1. On the Till, enter your Clerk Code and press Enter

To search for the relevant hire product:

2. Type “HIRE” and press Enter. 

The Product Search Window is displayed, listing the hire products in your Minfos Database.

3. Highlight to select the product being returned and press Enter. 

Note: The status of the product being returned should display OUT in the SOH column. 

4. The Hire Return window is displayed.

A. Customer information is displayed, customer name and details.

B. Weeks on Hire displays the length of time which the customer hired the product.

C. Weekly Rate displays the rate which the customer was charged per cycle.

D. Due Date displays the date which the hire product was due to be returned.

E. Weeks Early displays the number of weeks which the hire product has been returned early. This can be altered if required.

F. Early Refund displays a total amount according to the weekly rate and weeks early to calculate a total to refund to be returned. This can be altered if required.

G. Deposit Paid displays the amount of the deposit in the initial transaction.

H. Refund Amount displays the total amount calculated by the early refund and deposit paid.

I. Unchecking Full Period Return will change the refund owing amount to days.
This option can be checked if you do not wish to return a full week amount.

5. Press Enter to return to the Till window.

6. Continue to process the transaction as per normal process.