Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Price Manager icon, or click the Pricing menu, and click 5. Price Manager.

The Price Manager: Select Category & Sub-category window is displayed.

2. Click Import Pricing File.

The Open window is displayed.

3. Search for the pricing file you want to import, then click Open.

The Continue prompt is displayed.4. Click Yes, to confirm importing the pricing file.

The Summary: Import Pricing File (Preview) prompt is displayed, and shows:

  • The total number of products in the file
  • The number of imported MNPNs
  • The number of products that were not imported

5. Click OK, to review the suggested new pricing for products in the file.

The products are imported and the suggested pricing is shown in brown in the New RP column.

The New GP%/MU% and New GP$ are also displayed. These figures are calculated using the suggested new retail price and your existing unit cost.

  • The green up arrow, , indicates that the suggested new retail price is higher than the current retail price
  • The purple down arrow, , indicates that the suggested new retail price is lower than the current retail price
Note: You can overwrite the imported suggested new pricing by entering a performance guideline.

6. If your pricing file has been provided with products that are not stocked, click Filter to adjust Price Manager to only display products with SOH, refer to Filter Products in Price Manager.

7. Review the suggested new pricing, then apply the required new prices. For instructions, see Price Manager: Apply suggested new pricing