Performance guidelines allow you to apply GP% or Markup% objectives for your selected category. 

To apply a GP% or Markup% performance guideline:

From the Price Manager: Pricing Review window

1. From the Guideline group box, click the:

  • GP% option button, to set a GP% guideline for the category
  • Markup% option button, to set a Markup% guideline for the category
Note: The New GP% column header changes to the New MU% when the Markup% option is selected.

2. Enter a GP% or Markup% and press [Tab].

Tip: To retain the target % for future price reviews, click Save.

By default, KVI lines are excluded from suggested price changes. This gives you a better indication of the overall GP or Markup in your pharmacy. Minfos will account for the likely lower KVI pricing and adjust the non-KVI product’s pricing to compensate. You can choose to include the KVI lines and Minfos will suggest prices for all products in Price Manager.

  • Check the Inc. KVI checkbox if you would like your KVI lines to have new suggested prices  

The suggested new pricing is shown in the New RP, New GP%/New MU% and New GP$ columns.

Note: If Inc. KVI is not checked, the pricing is adjusted to accommodate for the likely much lower margin on the KVI products to ensure the range is priced as close to your guideline as possible.

Note: This guideline is also reflected in Category Maintenance.

3. If required, use the Round to option buttons to round the retail price to the nearest 5c or 9c.

4. Review the suggested new pricing, then apply the required new prices. For instructions, see Apply suggested new pricing.