Minimum Order Quantity files can only be imported using either:

  • A text file in the correct format, supplied by your brand.
  • A text file exported from another pharmacy who have used the Minfos Export Minimum Order Quantities utility to create the file.

 When importing a file, only products contained within the file will be updated.  

Note: As products not in the current file will not be updated with a new MOQ, you may choose to clear the existing MOQ prior to importing the new file.

Use Product Quick Fix to clear existing minimum order quantities

1. From Stock Manager, click the Products menu.

2. Click 4. Product Quick Fix.

3. The Quick Fix window is displayed.

A. Change the Sort by field to Preferred Supplier (this can be changed by clicking the drop down box).

B. Enter 06080 for Symbion in the From field, press [Tab] to move to the To field

C. Enter 06080 for Symbion in the To field

D. Click the OK.

The Product Quick Fix window is displayed with all Symbion preferred products listed.

E. Click on the top product highlight, then press [Shift] on the keyboard

F. Scroll to the bottom of the Product Quick Fix window

G. With [Shift] still pressed on the keyboard, highlight the last product listed.

H. Click Fix.

 The Quick Fix Selection window is displayed.

I. Check the Min Order Quantity checkbox.

J. Enter ‘0’ (zero) in the text field.

K. Click OK.

The Processing window is displayed.

The Product Quick Fix window is re-displayed.

L. Click Cancel to close.

The Quick fix window is re-displayed.

M. Click Cancel to close.

Import a MOQ file

1. From the Stock Manager menu, click File.

2. Select G. Import Minimum Order Quantities.

The Import Minimum Order Quantities window is displayed.

3. In this window, do the following:

A. Click the dotted browse button to choose the file you wish to import or accept the default.

B. In the Supplier field, enter the supplier code or supplier name, or press [Tab] to open the Supplier Search Window.  Select the supplier from the list, then click Okay to add the supplier code to the field.

C. Depending on the content of your import file, select either MNPN or Supplier PDE.

4. Click Test Import.

The Minimum Order Quantity Import Report is displayed.

The Status column lists the expected result of your test import for every product.

5. If you are satisfied with the contents of the test report, repeat steps 1-3 and click Import.

The Update? prompt is displayed.

6. Click Yes to confirm the import.

The Minimum Order Quantity Import Report is displayed.

The Status column lists the result of your import for every product.

Possible Status values are:

  • Updated       –  The MOQ has been updated in the supplier card
  • No Match     –  The PDE or MNPN could not be found
  • No Change   –  There has been no change to the MOQ

7. Click Print to print the report or Close the report.

Import a MOQ file from a supplier or third party

The MOQ import and export file is in the form of a text file of two columns separated by a space: 

  • The left side column is either the MNPN or Supplier PDE
  • The right side column is the minimum order quantity

When importing a file from a supplier (or non-Minfos source), you need to ensure:

  • The file is provided in text format
  • The Import Criteria setting is configured correctly to match the content of the file.
    E.g. if the import file is provided using the MOQ matched to MNPN, this must be reflected in the import setting.