Minimum order quantities (MOQ) can be imported into Minfos to update a suppliers associated products. 

This information can also be exported from Minfos.

Minimum Order Quantity files can only be imported using either:

  • A text file in the correct format, supplied by your brand.
  • A text file exported from another pharmacy who have used the Minfos Export Minimum order Quantities utility to create the file.


View the MOQ

View the MOQ of a product by following these steps: 

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Stock Manager.

2. Click the Products menu and select 1. Product Maintenance.

The Product Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Click Suppliers.

The Supplier Product Maintenance window is displayed.

4. Highlight the Supplier and click Change.

The Supplier Product Editing window is displayed showing the Min. Order Qty field.