The receipting process to ‘mark off’ an order can be time consuming, with many pharmacies manually checking off each product on the invoice. When a pharmacy receives multiple totes, it can be tricky to locate a product quickly or isolate high-cost items for closer verification.  

Symbion has improved the electronic ordering workflow by providing the SSCC (tote barcode) information to Minfos. Minfos Ordering displays details of the tote automatically after Symbion has picked and packed the stock.


  • Streamlines the ‘marking off’ process and receipting of orders, improving efficiencies and freeing up stock controller’s time for other tasks
  • Easily identify the contents of each tote and whether the same item exists in multiple totes, making it easier to find stock and put stock out on the shelves
  • Ability to progressively mark off items that have been checked before final receipting into the system
  • Ability to sort order by tote or value, allowing high-value items to be easily identified for manual verification

How does it work?

1. An order is placed with Symbion electronically from Minfos via PharmX.

2. The order is allocated to the customer’s fulfilment warehouse.

3. The order is picked and packed into one or more totes.

4. Each tote is allocated an SSCC barcode that is noted against the order.

5. As this information becomes available it will silently update the order with the tote information in Minfos.

6. Once the invoice has been collected in Minfos and the stock has been physically delivered to the store, the tote barcode is scanned using the Scan Tote option in Minfos Order Maintenance and/or the contents of the tote marked off. Tote information is also available within the order, allowing stock controllers to quickly find a product and the tote it is packed in from Minfos, removing the need to search through the hard copy invoice.

7. The stock controller will also be able to sort the order by cost (to identify what tote(s) the high cost items are in).  

  • It is recommended that a barcode scanner is to attached to a back-office Minfos workstation (to be used to scan SSCC barcodes on the totes)
  • This integration does not use handheld PDA scanners

Watch the video to learn more

Step by Step Instructions:

From Order Maintenance:

1. Click 1. Scan Tote.

The Scan Tote window is displayed.

2. Scan the tote barcode or manually enter the tote barcode and click Okay.

The Tote Lookup window, with the contents of the tote is displayed.

From the Tote Lookup window:

a. You can see the Invoice number, which is helpful if a tote contains items belonging to more than one invoice. The Tote barcode is displayed. The products PDE (Supp. Code) is also displayed as well as the product Description.

b. The Tote Qty, your current SOH, ordered quantity (Ord Qty), as well as cost information is also displayed.

c. Highlight an item and click Sales or Purchases to view the sales and/or purchase history for the product.

d. Highlight an item and click Supplier to view the supplier information e.g. minimum order quantity. 

e. Highlight an item and click Info to view any information attached to the product.

f. Highlight an item and click Stock Card to view the stock card.

3. Click Mark All, to mark off all items in the tote.

The Mark All prompt is displayed.

a. Click Yes, to mark all items in the tote off.

b. Click No, to return to the Tote Lookup window.

4. Highlight the required item/s (using standard Windows shortcuts) and click Mark, to mark off the selected items.

The Tote Lookup window is re-displayed and items that have been marked off will display to indicate they have been marked off.

5. Click Okay to close the Tote Lookup window and return to Order Maintenance.

6. From Order Maintenance, highlight the required order and click Change.

The Order Editing window is displayed.

Note: Items that have been marked off display the icon.

a. If an item is in more than one tote, Multiple Totes is displayed, highlight the item and click Tote Qtys.

The Tote Qtys window is displayed.

b. Click OK to close.

c. To view the contents of a tote from Order Maintenance, click Tote View.

The Select Tote window is displayed.

d. Click the dropdown and select a tote barcode, click Okay.

The Tote Lookup window is displayed.

e. Repeat steps 3 or 4.

f. Click Okay to close and return to the Order Editing window.

7. Click Okay to close the order and return to Order Maintenance.

8. Click Complete to complete the order.

The Order Confirmation window is displayed.

9. Confirm the details are correct, update any fields as required.

10. Click Okay to complete the order.

If not all items have been marked off the Order Confirmation prompt is displayed.

11. Click Yes to close, or No to finish marking off the order.

The Order Confirmation prompt is displayed.

12. Click Yes to complete the order.