This process can be followed when bonus stock has been received without an invoice.

The following option is recommended for stores who are running FIFO (First in, First out). This option will maintain a record of changes against each product that has been invoiced with bonus stock.

Create a negative invoice 

From Order Maintenance:

1. Click Add to create a negative invoice.

The Order Entry window is displayed.

2. Ensure that the following information is entered:

a. The Supplier code or supplier name to select the supplier swapping the stock.

b. The Order Date should be the date which the stock is being removed from the store.

c. In the Invoice no. field, enter a reference from the company representative using a leading C to indicate that this is a credit.

d. A Description of the order.

e. Sales Rep field can be used to enter the name of the person entering the invoice or the sales representative from the company.

3. Click Add to add the products that are being removed from the store to the order.

The Order Detail window is displayed:

4. To add the products:

a. Scan the product barcode into the Product Code field.

b. Enter a negative Quantity amount reflecting the number of units being removed.

c. The Unit Cost will default to the last buy cost.

d. Click Okay to save.

5. Repeat Steps 4a-4d until all products have been added.

6. Once all products have been added, click Cancel to close the Order Detail window and to return to the Order Entry window.7. Click Okay to return to the Order Maintenance window.

The Order Maintenance window is displayed.The negative invoice is displayed with a Created status.

Copy the Invoice 

1. From the Order Maintenance window highlight the invoice and click Copy.The Copy Order warning is displayed.2. Click Yes to create a copy of the invoice.

The Order Editing window is displayed.

3. Update the Order Description.

4. Check the Show Discounts checkbox.5. Highlight each product and click Change.

The Order Detail window is displayed.

6. In the Quantity field, adjust to reflect a positive quantity.

7. In the Bonus Quantity, enter the quantity of free stock received and press [Tab]. The Unit Cost will update, taking the bonus stock into consideration without altering the final Total (Inc. GST).
8. Click Okay.

9. Complete the negative order first as per normal process.

10. Complete the order with the added bonus stock second, as per normal process.