The following process can be followed when bonus stock has been received without an invoice.

This allows the bonus stock to be added to the current SOH and calculates a new unit cost which considers the existing unit cost and the bonus stock unit cost.

From Product Maintenance.

1. Find and highlight the required product.
2. Manually multiple the SOH quantity by the Unit Cost: 2 x 12.74 = $25.48

3. Click Edit Qty to add the bonus SOH.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window is displayed.

4. Adjust the Qty Counted to include the bonus stock.

5. Ensure that 4. Bonus stock is selected from the dropdown options in the Reason for Change.6. Click Okay to save and close.

7. Using the total unit cost calculated in step 4 ($25.48), divide this amount by the new SOH quantity (4) to find the new unit cost for this product: $25.48/4= $6.37

8. Highlight the stockcard and click Change.

The Product Edit window is displayed.

9. Adjust the Unit Cost (Ex. GST) field and click OK.The formula for this process is as follows:

Current Stock on Hand x the current unit cost = total

Total cost / total amount of stock (including bonus stock) = new unit cost.