1. From the Order Templates window, click the Add button.

The Order Template window is displayed.

2. Make the desired selections. For more information on the order options, refer to Generate an order.

3. Enter the OrderDate the template order will first run and the Frequency of this order being run.

4. Next Date to Run: Enter the date this order needs to be generated for the first time.
The overnight process will automatically generate the orders on the selected dates.

5. The frequency selected will run based on this date.

  • Once Only: This order will run once based on the date set in the Next Date to Run. This order will be retained in the Order Templates list and can be recalled at any time.
  • Daily: This order will run over night every day.
  • Weekly: This order will run overnight every 7 days from the date entered.
  • Fortnightly: This order will run every 14 days from the date entered.
  • Monthly: This order will run overnight each month on the date entered. Note: When creating a monthly Template Order, dates exceeding the 28th will not generate in February. 
Note: Each time the Template Order is run, the next run date will be updated in the Template Order list, as per the frequency selected for each order.  

6. Click Save to save this Order Template.

The new Order Template is displayed in the Order Templates window.