Order Templates can be used to pre-set orders to streamline your pharmacy's ordering process. Their key benefits are that:

  • They can be created to automatically generate overnight based on pre-scheduled dates and frequencies.
  • Retain the order setting created on the saved template
  • At any point, they can be recalled and run again, edited or removed from being automatically run

Video Demonstration

The Order Templates window

From Stock Manager:

1. Click on the Order Maintenance icon.

The Order Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click on the Order Templates button.

The Order Templates window is displayed.

3. In the Order Templates window you can perform the following functions:

a. Click the Add button to create a new Order Template. Refer to Generate Orders Overview for detailed information on how to generate orders.

b. Select an existing Order Template from the list and click the Change button to modify the Order Template.

c. Select an existing Order Template from the list and click the Delete button to delete the Order Template. 

d. The Order Template list may be sorted by clicking the Sort button. Clicking this button will cycle throught the following sort choices:

  • Created Date
  • Description
  • Next Run Date
  • Supplier

e. Click the Find button to search the Order Template list based on description.