Product and shelf labels sent from other Minfos screens are added to the Label Queue window.

You can also add products to the queue in the Label Queue window:

1. Click Add.

The Labels window is displayed.

2. Scan the product that you want to add labels for.

Alternatively, in the Barcode text box, enter the barcode of the product you want to add labels for; or enter the first few numbers of the product name, product number, or PDE, then press [Tab], to look up the product on the Product Search window.

3. Adjust the number of labels required.

4. Click Okay to add the labels to the label queue and close the Labels window.
Alternatively, click Cancel to close the Labels window without saving your changes.

If the product you’re adding already exists in the label queue, Minfos displays the following prompt.

Click OK if you’re sure you want to add the product to the label queue again.