The Label Queue window enables you to view and manage all of the product and shelf labels in your pharmacy’s Minfos Label Queue.

You can use the Label Queue window from any Minfos station in your pharmacy.

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions

To open the Label Queue window:

1. On the Stock Manager window, click the Labels menu, then click 4. Label Queue.

The Label Queue window is displayed.

The Label Queue window shows the products that are queued to have labels printed.
For each product:

  • The left-most column shows:
    • The  icon if the product is stocked.
    • The icon if the product is not stocked.
  • The Bar Code column displays the product’s primary barcode.
  • The Product Name column displays the product’s name.
  • The On Hand column displays the number of retail units of the product that are currently in stock.
  • The Retail column displays the product’s current retail price.
  • The No. Labels column displays the number of labels queued to be printed for the product. This column displays shelf labels first, then product labels, in the format <number>s, <number>p. For example, if a product has two shelf labels and fifteen product labels queued, the No. Labels column for the product displays 2s, 15p.
  • The right most column displays an icon if the product has a shelf label waiting to be printed.

The Legend window

The Legend window explains the meaning of the icons and font colours used on the Label Queue window.

To display the Legend window, right-click anywhere in the white area on the Label Queue window.
To close the window, click Okay, Cancel or press [Enter] or [Esc].

Label Queue window display buttons

1. Select the Display Products on Set Sales Price Promotion checkbox to display these products.

2. Select the Display Latest Price Changes checkbox to provide a full list of products in the queue that have had a price change on the current day or the day before.

3. Use these buttons to navigate around the Label Queue window.

  • Click Next to go to the next page of the label queue.
  • Click Prev to go to the previous page of the label queue.
  • Click Refresh to refresh your view of the label queue, in order to see any changes that have been made from other Minfos stations or external applications (for example, your wireless stocktake scanner).

Label Queue window Operation buttons

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