From the CO Order window:

1. Either highlight a product with the transfer icon and click View SOH/ Transfer, or press [Alt+V].

The Current Stock Holding window is displayed and shows the list of pending transfers for the product.

a. Pharmacy Name: Displays the Receiving Store's name.

b. Product: Displays the product you are viewing.

c. Order Quantity: Displays the quantity generated or manually added to the order.

d. Pending Transfer Summary: Displays the current pending transfer details.

e. Re-order: Displays the Sending Store's Re-Order (Stocked) status of the product.

f. Surplus: Displays the amount of surplus stock the pharmacy has available (where Surplus column has a positive number). Negative Surplus quantity indicates that the store has less than the quantity needed, base on their projected sales.

g. SoH: Displays the pharmacy's current stock on hand.

h. Last Buy: Displays the pharmacy's Last Buy Price.

i. Unit Cost: Displays the cost price of the product when the transfer was created.

j. Qty: This is an editable field and displays the quantity the Receiving store requires from the Sending store.

k. Tr. From Orders: Displays the quantity to be transferred where an order has been merged and the Create Transfers for products on the Original orders checkbox was checked. Refer to Multi-Store Ordering in CO for more information.

l. Current Stock Levels: Displays all pharmacy's in the group and their stock on hand for the selected product. Click in the Qty field of the required pharmacy to update the transfer quantity.

3. Click on the Qty column and update the transfer quantity.

4. Click Save to save the change.

Note: A change in the quantity of a pending transfer will NOT affect the quantity on the order.