When creating a manual order, products must be added to the order after it has been created.

To create a manual order:

From the CO Orders window:

1. Click Manual Order or press [Alt+M].

The Order Details window is displayed.
2. Enter the order details:

a. In the Order For text box, search for the required pharmacy.

b. In the Supplier textbox, search for the supplier.

c. In the Order Date textbox, today’s date is shown by default. To change the date of an order, click the calendar icon and select the date.

d. In the Description textbox, enter a relevant description for the order. Make sure this description is unique and meaningful as it is sent to the pharmacy with the order.

e. In the Sales Representative Details textbox, enter the details of the supplier sales representative.

f. Leave the Check for surplus stock checkbox selected to prompt Minfos to search for surplus stock at other stores. In the textbox, enter the number of days of to search for projected surplus stock.

Alternatively, de-select the Check for surplus stock check box, if Minfos is not required to search for surplus stock at other stores.

3. Click Save or press [Alt+S], to create the order. The Order no. text box is automatically populated with a Minfos-generated order number when an order is saved.

The Order window is displayed.4. Add products to the order. Refer to Add or replace a product in an order if instructions are required.

5. Click Save to save the order.