Launch Centralised Ordering

Each time CO is launched, the system will automatically update and run the latest version of CO.

1. To launch CO on any computer, select Centralised Ordering from the Start menu.


2. For Head Office, you can click the Centralised Ordering icon from the Minfos Launch Pad. Alternatively, click the Retail menu and then click Centralised Ordering.

  • Do not double-click the CO icon, as this will launch the program twice
  • If the CO icon is not visible on the Minfos Launch Pad, contact Minfos Support

Log in to Centralised Ordering

CO is protected by centrally maintained accounts, so only authorised users have access to order information.

During the setup process, Minfos will provide your username and password.

To log in to CO:

1. Open CO from the Minfos Launch Pad or the Retail menu.

The Minfos Log in window is displayed.

2. Enter the username and password and click Log in, or press [Enter].