The category import function allows groups to maintain a uniform category structure at all of their pharmacies. When you import categories you can choose to import some of the categories in the file, the guidelines and associated products.

To import categories:

1. On the Minfos Stock Manager screen, click the File menu, then click E. Category Import.

The Import Categories & Associated Product MNPNs window is displayed.2. Click , to search for the category file you want to import.

The Import Path and Filename text box shows the location and name of the category file.

3. In the Categories group box, check the associated check box of one or more category types that you want to import.

You can choose to import only some of the category types in the file.

4. If required, in the Import Guidelines group box, check the GP and/or Markup checkboxes to import the GP% and/or Markup% performance guidelines set for each category in the file.

The GP% or Markup% cannot be set for categories assigned to the Company category type, therefore no guidelines are imported for Company.

5. If required, check the Import Products check box, to import all of the MNPNs of products assigned to each of the categories in the file.

Please ensure you want to import the associated products, as the product’s category is overwritten by the category selected during the import.  

6. The file is imported and the Categories Import Report is displayed.