Allocating products into categories enables meaningful reporting, and increases the ease of ordering and maintaining accurate SOH. Although it’s easy to overlook, systematic inventory classification is vital to retail operations.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Category Maintenance icon, or click the Maintenance menu and select 1.Categories.

2. The Category Maintenance window is displayed, with the Brand category type shown by default.

3. If required, click the Category Type drop-down list, and select:

  • Class, to review all of your class categories.
  • Department, to review all of your department categories.
  • IEU, to review all IEU (Intended End Use) categories.
  • Location, to review all of your location categories.

4. All of the categories assigned to your selected Category Type are displayed.

5. If required, click the Display Order drop-down and click Code, to sort the list of categories by ID number.

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