The Customer Message History Report displays details of sent SMS messages.

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Reports menu and select 0. Customer SMS History.

The Customer SMS Message History window is displayed.

2. Enter the required From Customer and To Customer range. This defaults to include all customers.

3. Enter the required Starting Date and Ending Date range.

4. To include failed sends, check the Show failures checkbox.

5. Click OK to run the report.
 From left to right, the report displays:

  • The Date the message was sent
  • The Send status (Successful or Failed)
  • Message content (maximum of 160 characters). If message send status is failed the error message will display
  • Customer Name and Phone Number
  • User logged in at the time sent the message
  • The total number of messages
  • The records are displayed by alphabetic order of customer last name by default, then order by date ascending