1. From the Script Options window in Dispense select W. Message Customer [W].

In the example below, a mobile number has not been yet added to the customer profile as indicated by the prompt text on the option (Phone# req). This prompt text will not display after a number has been added to the customer record.

2. The Send Message window is displayed.

a. Customer Name is populated with the name of the customer selected in Dispense. This name cannot be changed.

b. Mobile Number

  1. The Mobile Number field will display the mobile number if one exists in the customer profile. This number can be edited and saved. If an existing number is edited, an Update Customer Record button becomes active and clicking the button will update the mobile number in the customer record.
  2. If this field is blank, then a number may be entered and saved to the customer’s record. A number entered into this field is subject to the same validation as one entered in Customer Maintenance and the validation is executed when the focus is moved from the Mobile Number field. 

c. In this editable field you can enter the message for the customer. By default, the message defined in Shop Configuration will be displayed here.

d. The character count will display the length of the message.

e. Send SMS [Alt+ S] and Cancel [Esc] buttons. The Send button is enabled if there is 1 or more characters in the message field and the Mobile Number field is not blank.

3. Click the Send SMS button to send the message to the customer using the displayed mobile number.

Click here to learn how to send an SMS from Customer Maintenance.